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My First Visit To Al- Kaaba

It was my first time seeing the Kaaba, It was very sunny and almost as hot as lava, On the way back I bought a drink of Guava, And I don’t think I mentioned that my name is Raha, The day was bright, There was so much light, Even in the night, And people were walking around the Kaaba with all their strength and might, We left the house at 12 o’clock noon, all fresh and ready, We asked Allah for forgiveness with bodies straight and steady, We stayed in Makkah for 3 whole days, And now that my Father says, “I think we should live there and follow their business ways,” My brother, sister and I are all starting to shout Hurrays! It was a very fun experience for me. No one could imagine how it would be, Unless they saw it with their own eyes, And left the Kaaba with very sorrowful goodbyes

Assalaamu ‘Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.
Here is a little poem I wrote after my first ‘Umrah. I was 11 years old then, and I’d always marvelled over how my parents and other Muslim adults could cry at the remembrance of Allah SWT or in prayer and wondered if/when I’d ever reach that level. I’d finally felt my first little spark of real, “adult-like” emotional connection to Allah SWT as I set my eyes on the magnificent, looming structure of the Kaaba. It was an ethereal experience, and I had already started to form the first two stanzas of the poem in my head while I was still in Makkah. The rest of it almost “revealed” or presented itself to me on its own after I got back home. Alhumdulillah~

By: Raha A. Irfan (6th Grade) 8-20-2008

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