Noorani Qaida

Noorani Qaida is the most useful and easy tool to get a grip on Arabic words. It is a perfect way to help beginners and children on how to read the Quran in a minimal time and effort. According to qualified Islamic professors and teachers, if one is able to excel Noorani Quaida he will succeed in spelling Arabic words and reciting Holy Quran fluently without any hardship. 

Noorani Qaida Course

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About this Course

This course is specially for the individuals who have trouble reciting Quran. Our aim is to teach in such a way that by the end of the course, the students are able to read Arabic letters with great pronunciation. Not only this course will aid them in reciting Quran but also with proper Tajweed, following Tajweed rules.

Our course, Noorani Quaida will have four levels covering the entire text in detail. You will have an option to continue your registration for other remaining levels after level one depending upon your satisfaction with the first.

Noorani Qaida: Upon selecting this course, our comprehensive curriculum aims at teaching the:

  • Identification of all the Arabic alphabets.
  • Recognition of different sounds of alphabets.
  • Rules and steps of Tajweed.
  • Huroof-e-Muraqabaat or compound Arabic letters.
  • The standing, pausing, and continuing Harakaat or movements including other punctuation markers.

Our syllabus is designed focusing on the learner’s abilities, since, the learning process and pace varies from learner to learner, our aim is to shape the learning process in the most convenient and effective way for each individual. The certified Ulama will be assigned with the learners need and objective to learn Noorani Qaida through digital means. 

By the end of this course, the learners will gather the accurate sense of pronouncing & uttering Arabic alphabets and letters with authentic accent and Tajweed.

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