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As a spiritual and religious project, Quran Host brings a course for Quran memorization for its learners. With simple & flexible teaching approach, our Hafiz-e-Quran tutors aim to provide new lessons along with a strategic plan onto delivering the memorised portion effectively. 

Quran Memorization Course

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About this Course

As Muslims, we all wish to memorize Quran to secure a place in heaven for us and our family as it is mentioned that a Hafiz Ul Quran will be given a crown of Honor and a garment of Honor to wear. 

There will be the highest ranks of Jannah for the Memorizer of the Qur’an and highest Honor for the Parents of the Memorizer of the Qur’an. However, due to busy schedule and lack of guidance, memorizing the Quran seems like an impossible task. The Quran Host understands the need for online classes and supports individual to achieve his/her dream of Quran Memorization.

The Quran Hosts offers a course to memorize Quran at home for people with great zeal and love to complete Quran Memorization. We have designed this course flexible with an adjustable schedule along with the easy methodology to help you reach your Quranic Memorization goals. 

All Quran teachers are highly educated and have the experience to teach non-native students. The course facilitates to anyone interested by providing an option to take lessons anytime and anywhere using laptop, iPad or mobile phone. 

Also, if you are confused about where to begin, we will help you in deciding a program that fits your level.

What you will get?

At The Ouran Host, each student is provided with a private tutor to pinpoint individual needs!
The Ouran Host provides an extensive list of time slots to fit into your busy schedules!
Your monthly tuition at The Ouran Host covers all the materials required for your courses! No hidden charges!
Most students find our services very satisfactory. However, if you find that we are not the perfect fit, you can cancel easily, anytime, and without issues.

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